Adamant-Project LLC offers the most effective scheme for the implementation of the design process, for which the company has formed the following units:
Department of Design Organization
Main functions: assistance to the Customer in the formation of technical specifications, organization of survey work, control of the deadlines and quality of project documentation, coordination of documentation and organization of the examination, support during construction and commissioning of the facility;
Department of Engineering
Main functions: obtaining technical specifications, concluding agreements on connection, organizing the design of external engineering networks, coordination with the engineering services of the city;
Department of Design (design workshop)
Main functions: implementation of design and working documentation. Design work is carried out in accordance with the Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008);
 Adamant Holding Company
State Unitary Enterprise "Petersburg Metro"
Glavstroy Saint Petersburg
Engineering company "Mosinzhproekt"
Sertificat ISO-9001 - 1
Сертификат ISO-9001 - 1
Sertificat ISO-9001 - 2
Сертификат ISO-9001 - 2
Design Approval - 1
Design Approval
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Design Approval - 2
Design Approval
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Design Approval - 3
Design Approval
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Design Approval - 4
Design Approval
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Design Approval - 5
Design Approval
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Design Approval - 6
Design Approval
Page 6
Design Approval - 7
Design Approval
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License for State. Secret
License for State. Secret
License of the Ministry of Culture - 1
License of the Ministry of Culture
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License of the Ministry of Culture - 2
License of the Ministry of Culture
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Extract SRO page 1
Extract SRO page 1
Extract SRO page 2
Extract SRO page 2
St. Petersburg, nab. R. Sinks, 72
+7 (812) 333-3143
Coordination, work with the customer
Marinchenko Alexander Valerievich
Deputy General Director for Work with the Customer